Welcome to the home page of the 34th Annual California Student Media and Multimedia Festival, the nation's oldest student media festival. The Festival celebrates converging technologies with media and multimedia projects produced by students and teachers.

There is no entry fee. The Festival has awarded over $85,000 over the last four years to California schools. Overall winners will earn $1,000 prizes for their school.



Deadline for the 1999-2000 Festival will be in April 14. Final dates and judging sites are being set. Do not use the addresses on the 33rd Festival Entry Form downloadable on this site! Some addresses may be changing. The rest of the information on the form is correct.

INTERESTED IN HOSTING A MEDIA JUDGING SITE? This is a great way to see state-of-the-art student work and to raise the level of awareness at your district or site. The judging instructions and forms are easy to understand and will be mailed to you. You will need to bring together a miminum of five educators to serve as judges. It usually takes one evening or afternoon to complete the judging process. You will be responsible for mailing participation certificates to participants at your site (certficate master supplied by the Festival) and forwarding the winning entries and special nominations to the Finals. You may keep or return all remaining festival entries. For futher information, email the Festival Coordinator at hall@cccd.edu. We look forward to your participation!

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The Festival is open for all classroom projects.


Funded by initially by Computer-Using Educators, the California School Library Association, and the California Technology Assistance Program. For current funders, check the home page!

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.hosted by KOCE. PBS serving Orange and Los Angeles Counties.

All entries will be judged in subject area categories. Note that all multimedia entries must contain ALL relevant files and graphics. Test your entry on a computer other than your own to be sure it is all it is intended to be.


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