To Enter:

Fill out the entry form online. Print out the sheet to mail with your entry. Mail in your entry with the appropriate form. The medium for your entry (VHS, DVD etc.) will be specified on the form.

Entry Forms for last year

Media (Videomaking):



Which Form Should You Use?

Media entries are those entries which are created primarily using video camera technologies, submitted on videotape, and were created primarily for video viewing presentation. These entries will often include material created on a computer and sometimes were created entirely on a computer and were "printed" on videotape for viewing on a VHS VCR.

Multimedia entries are those entries which are created primarily using computer technologies, intended to run on a computer, and usually involve user interaction.

Projects completed after April 12, 2004 may be entered in this year's Festival.

Note! To download your free copy of Acrobat Reader, click on the Get Acrobat Reader icon.


Remember!Be sure to mail to addresses listed on the current form (39th Annual Festival) and not the addresses on forms from a previous year. The .pdf form and the html form posted here are from last year. The new forms will be posted when judging sites and addresses are confirmed. If you have questions, please call Hall Davidson at 714-895-0807.


If you a problem getting an entry form, contact Michael Simkins for a multimedia entry form or Hall Davidson ( for a media (videomaking) entry form.

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For an entry form via US Mail or fax, call KOCE, voice:714-895-0807

(24 hours), fax 714-895-0852

For forms, deadlines, and other information (including how to become a judging site), check back on this site or e-mail Hall Davidson at


Timeline for the 2004-2005 School Year


April 15, 2005: Entries due to judging sites

May 14, 2005: Winners announced

Festival Event in Two Locations

June 4, 2005: Northern California

June 11, 2005: Southern California


Judging Dates (approximate)

PLEASE NOTE that the correct entry forms should be labeled 39th Annual Festival.

Discard entry forms from previous festival years as the judging sites may have changed!


Thank you!

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Media Rubric and Judging Instructions (these are from last year, but will be substantially the same)

Judging Site Coordinators: Click here to download instructions (.pdf file). Click the following links for worksheets for judging. Category I (subject areas, awards #1-10) and Category II (non-subject areas, awards #11-16).


All others: Click here and receive the rubric for scoring the media entries. In fact, you will see all the instructions to the judges for the media judging. The official new rubric will be online soon.

Multimedia Rubric

Click here to see the rubric for the multimedia entries.

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All teachers and students are invited to submit entries to the festival and attend the ceremonies at either of the two hosted sites. In northern California, the Festival will be held at Foothill College, 12345 El Monte Road, in Los Altos Hills. In southern California, the site will again be Golden West College, 15751 Gothard Street, in Huntington Beach. The two sites will be connected via ISDN and festival goers at either site will see winning entries and student/teacher winners from both sites. Attending the Festival is a great way for teachers and students to see exactly what can be accomplished by students using media and multimedia. Many of the winning entries are simply magnificent! Attending the Festival is a fast way to "raise the bar" at your own school or district. There is no cost to attend the Festival and students and teachers are welcome. Light refreshments will be served. For information, call KOCE-TV, 714-895-5623, or e-mail Hall Davidson at

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