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Hall Davidson is director of the Discovery Educator Network, a new division of Discovery Communications focused on moving into the world of channel-less video-on-demand. Before coming to Discovery, he served for 15 years as director of educational services at KOCE-TV, a PBS station in Orange County, California. He is festival director for the California Student Media and Multimedia Festival, the nation's oldest media festival for students, and on the faculty of Golden West College, where he teaches a course on Technology in Education for teacher candidates. In addition, he serves on the board for California's Computer-Using Educators, the academic advisory committee for California State University at Fullerton, and the blue ribbon Technology Awards Committee of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. A former classroom teacher and a frequent speaker and author, Davidson has taught mathematics on television (on a program that earned an Emmy) and produced educational PBS series on such topics as information literacy and the Internet. He was recently elected chair of the School Site Council at Franklin Elementary in the Los Angeles Unified School District where his two children attend school.

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Hall Davidson is a nationally known educator as a teacher, author, lecturer, and staff development leader. He has served on state and national advisory boards for telecommunications, technology management, technology integration, and instructional media. He co-authored the report of the Distance Learning Task Force in California, authored the media portion of the Technology Guide for the association of media and library teachers, co-authored the internationally marketed TECHWORKS school kits, and has published articles in national journals and magazines. His classroom experience, begun in middle-school in 1971, includes mathematics, language arts, and foreign language. He served as on-camera mathermatics teacher in an Emmy-winning instructional series. He has since been Emmy-nominated as a producer. His productions include series for teachers on the Internet and Big6 information literacy strategy. He has served on school site governance councils during school reform and on school-site advisory board. He co-founded Video-Using Educators in Los Angeles in 1985. He currently serves on the board of directors for Computer-Using Educators, the largest educational technology user group in the western United States. For nine Years he has served as director of the California Student Media & Multimedia Festival, the nation's oldest such festival, now in its 40th year. For 15 years he has led trainings for teachers in video, multimedia, copyright, and technology integration affecting thousands of teachers. He currently serves as Director of Education at KOCE-TV, the PBS station in Orange County, California, and as Executive Director of Telecommunications of Orange County (TOC), a media consortium serving a dozen districts and over 200,000 K-12 students. He is the father of two children currently in the public school system in Los Angeles, California.


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from interview in CIO magazine

The image dubbed by the late Dr. Stephen Marcus (UCSB) as the true "King of All Media" in response to a Howard Stern commercial. Taken from the California Department of Education student showcase event, featuring the winners of the California Student Media Festival, coordinated by Hall Davidson.

Studio shots from KOCE educational program highlighting Schoolhouse Video.